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Come tell me a story. Build me a poem. Or I'm glad to take requests, if you're more the listening sort. I'll be here all night. Keep me company for awhile.


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Maggie is a giant pop culture nerd, and she's likely to break the 4th wall of anyone from media prior to 2014. This is doubly likely in the case of American thrillers and horror or very popular series. (She's dated someone who called herself Buffy. She screens horror movie film festivals. She writes fiction and poetry and porn for a living, and has a fairly thorough grounding in literary influences.)

Please let me know if you are okay with Maggie knowing your character's canon/think it's likely that she would. Alternatively, let me know if you absolutely do not want the 4th wall broken!

•CONTACT METHOD: [plurk.com profile] tricia868 | triangulate#3253 (Discord) | tricia868 [at] gmail [dot] com
•THREAD-JACKING: Fine by me! If it derails one of the few threads I have significant plans for, I'll drop you a line to work something out, but usually I don't mind at all.
•FOURTH WALLING / CANON PUNCTURE: I'd prefer not, simply because Newsflesh isn't a particularly well-known canon, but discuss it with me if you have a reason a character might know it.
•BACKTAGGING: Yes, of course!
•AVOIDED TOPICS: Please don't mention sexual assault in our threads without asking if I can handle it. If that's part of a character's background and likely to come up, have a conversation with me!

•MENTAL: Yes! Chat with me if it's going to go anywhere that has lasting impact on my character or the relationship between our characters.
•MIMICRY: Yep. I do want a link so I can be informed!
•VIOLENCE: Sure, with communication. Be aware that Maggie's blood is a biohazard!
•MAGIC: Fine by me.
•DEBATE: Of course!
•FLIRTING: Absolutely. Goodness knows Maggie will.
•PHYSICAL CONTACT: Good, but kissing and sex are off the table because zombie virus transmission is a concern. Maggie is an affectionate person, and she managed to grow up without the touch aversion most of her generation developed.
•OTHER / NOTES: I'm big on communication, just drop me a line if there are any doubts and I'll try to roll with things.
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Name: Tri
DW username: [personal profile] tricia868
E-Mail: tricia868 [at] gmail [dot] com
IM: trichan868 (AIM) / triangulate#3253 (Discord)
Plurk: [plurk.com profile] tricia868

Other Characters: N/A

Character Name: Magdalene Grace Garcia
Series: Newsflesh
Timeline: June 24, 2041 (late Deadline, just before leaving Maggie's house after the Florida disaster)
Canon Resource Link: Series info on the author's website
Character History: Maggie is the only child and heir of very wealthy pharmaceutical company owners. Wealthy is putting it mildly. Her family made billions when they transferred all their investments from software development to healthcare technology after the dead started walking. Her parents absolutely dote on Maggie, and she loves them too.

The post-Rising world means a lot of security precautions. Blood tests are a fact of life, as are outbreak procedures, a largely homebound and isolated population, and, in the case of the wealthy, armed guards. Maggie grew up in social circles elite enough that she could be a party girl. She wasn't kept at home, just kept to places where everyone could afford enough security that even mingling with people was deemed safe.

Her parents didn't have any requirements of Maggie except that she stay safe and be happy. Maggie has a chip implanted under her collarbone that tracks her vital signs and transmits those to her parents, so they always know their daughter is still alive and breathing. It doesn't track her location or impinge on her freedom, as was obvious during the phase when she really did embrace the party girl lifestyle and get herself into dangerous situations. It's enough, though, that they never have to worry she'll die without them knowing it.

Maggie, contrary to most people's expectations, outgrew her party girl phase. For her twenty first birthday, her parents offered her anything she wanted, no limitations. What Maggie wanted was her grandparents' old farmhouse, enough security to make it safe, and access to the interest generated by her trust fund. Maggie lives alone out in the middle of the woods near the fishing town of Weed, California with a pack of rescued epileptic miniature bulldogs and a team of well armed and trained security guards surrounding the house.

She befriended Georgette "Buffy" Meissonier, a technology whiz and writer, and did some writing of her own. All poetry and fiction, never the news. Maggie signed on with After the End Times, an online blog news site run by Buffy and her friends Shaun and Georgia Mason, once it was founded, as one of Buffy's team of "Fictionals."

Maggie is good at her job. She's a storyteller, and she loves words and pop culture. She may live alone, but Maggie doesn't actually like being alone. Her house is always open to any Fictional on the team, as well as some of the other bloggers from the site. She hosts horror movie film festivals in a former spare bedroom that has since been converted to a home theater.

Buffy betrayed all of them. She believed that the country needed to return to God, to its religious roots. She let people talk her into sharing information for this greater good while she, Shaun, and Georgia followed a presidential candidate on his campaign trail, and what she shared got a lot of people killed. Buffy included, once she realized what she'd done and cut them off. Maggie was in love with Buffy, though they were never together exclusively, and the loss affected her very much, even as she stepped up to take over Buffy's job as head of the Fictionals.

Protective, nurturing, and organized enough to head a team of twenty writers as the site grew, Maggie could fill part of Buffy's shoes. Then they lost Georgia, too, to the same conspiracy. After the End Times is still operating, but every writer on the staff is dealing with the aftermath. Two out of three of the site's original leaders died, and the third is talking to ghosts. Picking up the pieces is an ongoing process.

Maggie fell in love again, with an "Irwin" named Dave. They both knew how they felt, but Maggie was still hurting from losing Buffy, and the two of them were circling round each other as if they were waiting for everything to be perfect before they acted on their feelings. They lost the chance. When conspiracy and danger reappeared in their lives, Dave was its first victim. Maggie saw the news on their site, and she waited, hoping that everyone else from the main office would make it to her alive. They did.

The next time her team went off into danger, Maggie refused to stay behind. Visits to a mad scientist (and the scientist's delightfully, alarmingly enormous mastiff) ensued, and she waited as members of the team visited first one CDC, then another. During the first, everyone made it out alive. During the second, Kelly, the CDC doctor who'd brought them her data and triggered the incident that cost Dave his life (resulting in a few cheery death threats from Maggie), was killed at the hands of her own colleague.

After her team left the Memphis CDC, a storm blew up. The thing about the Kellis Amberlee virus was that its live, amplified form had only ever been transmitted through direct fluid contact with an infected mammal. That all changed. Maggie and Alaric were still waiting for Shaun, Becks, and Mahir to return when the news about Florida started showing up. People were calling it a second Rising. No one was sure if the virus was airborne, but people were getting infected in ways they never had before. Alaric lost all but one member of his family. Maggie's parents' company had three facilities in the area, and she'd grown up knowing some of the people who worked in them.

Finally, the rest of the team made it home to Maggie's place. They managed to reconnect with the outside world, Maggie got a call through to her parents, and Shaun figured out what was really going on.

The virus should have been too big for mosquitoes to carry it. Should have. The rules had changed, and the timing seemed awfully suspicious.

Abilities/Special Powers: No powers or abilities. Maggie is infected with the unamplified form of Kellis Amberlee, making her a potential zombie if she's ever killed or near death enough that her viral load gets too high. KA is also highly contagious, though for the sake of the game I would say only through fluid contact. Maggie intends to keep all bodily fluids to herself, thank you.

Oh, she's also immune to cancer and the common cold. A small upside to being a zombie waiting to happen.

Kellis Amberlee zombies try to eat or infect (by biting or otherwise getting bodily fluids on) other mammals, have greater intelligence and pack mentalities in groups, have perpetually dilated pupils and are therefore slowed down by bright light, and don't seem to notice pain. Hopefully Wonderland won't experience any of this firsthand.

Third-Person Sample: Maggie is pacing her room. Specifically, she's pacing back and forth in front of the magic closet. She knows precisely what she wants to ask for, she just can't convince herself it's a risk she's allowed to take.

The thing about growing up loving dogs in a world where any dog that isn't tiny could kill you someday, however well-mannered and well-trained it might be, is that the majority of traditional dogs are off limits to you. Small pets aren't just a fad or a norm. Not when anything over forty pounds is a potential zombie.

Maggie's met a mastiff. Maggie adored that mastiff. So the question now is how much can she really trust the closets.

A dog would be a blessed bit of familiarity in a world that is entirely too far from the one she's used to. When Maggie thought she might like to live in a story, or in a world free of the walking dead, this wasn't what she meant.

She heaves a reluctant, responsible sigh and heads for the outer door to her room rather than the closet door. Though she won't trust the first answer she gets, or even the fifth, whoever is unfortunate enough to run into her next will be quizzed. "Hello! I had a question about how specific we can be with the closets, and how reliably they follow instructions, if you don't mind."

First-Person Sample: [Maggie can fake calm and composed quite well when she has an audience. She manages to keep the faint edge of hysteria out of her voice long enough to broadcast this.]

Hello, darlings. This is quite the genre shift!

I admit that my last cup of tea wasn't strictly tea. I don't, however, recall spiking it with something this strong. Even in my party girl phase I was never on any drug that triggered hallucinations so vivid.

While I'm sure it will make wonderful inspiration one day, now is a very inconvenient time for me to be crazy. That role is already occupied on my team. The story just wouldn't work with two of us trying to fill it.

If anything I say is getting through my delusions to the ears of someone real, would you please run and fetch Auntie Maggie an antipsychotic?
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From Dandelion Mine, the blog of Magdalene Grace Garcia )

all entries from Maggie's blog are, like Maggie, copyright Mira Grant, and are not my words.


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